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Paul Edelman - Conceptual Thinking S2E7

Paul Edelman - Conceptual Thinking

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Paul Edelman is a psychologist who has worked with some of the world’s most successful hedge fund managers.  Today we take a deep dive into how psychological techniques can be used to look for investment managers, how Paul applied what he learned from great mentors to filter for the investment management skill set, the importance and uncovering of conceptual and probabilistic thinkers, and why you shouldn’t use Myers Briggs.  We get a bit into some very interesting weeds including some history of psychology and analytical concepts, but Paul has a great way of tying it all together to more deeply understand how people think about markets and interact with each other in high-pressure situations.

Please enjoy my fascinating conversation with Paul Edelman.


Paul Edelman is a coach and facilitator at Edelman & Associates in Boston, who helps individuals, families, and family businesses to be more effective in achieving their goals. 

He especially enjoys working with family enterprise members on developing the collaborative problem-solving and decision-making skills needed for success in family and business leadership and governance roles.

Paul holds a BS in Physics from MIT and a PhD in Personality and Developmental Psychology from Harvard University where his teaching and research focused on group dynamics. More information is available at 


WEBSITE: https://www.edelmancoaching.com/

NOTE:  This podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only.  Anything said by the guests or host should not be construed as legal or investment advice.  Thanks for listening.

Psychologists mentioned in the podcast:  Robert Freed Bales (SYMLOG), and Elliott Jaques.

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