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Alex Chaloff - CIO of Bernstein Private Wealth Management S3E4

Alex Chaloff - CIO of Bernstein Private Wealth Management

· 48:56


Alex Chaloff is the CIO of Bernstein Private Wealth Management. We had a great conversation talking about his personal litmus test for a manager, what to do with lagging funds, the advantages of scale, and the importance of having a sleep coach. Please enjoy my talk with Alex Chaloff.


Alex Chaloff is the Chief Investment Officer of Bernstein Private Wealth Management. Before his current role, he served as head of Alternative Asset Strategies. Alex was also a Senior Investment Strategist and Co-head of Bernstein’s Private Client Investment Policy Group, the decision-making body for the private client business. The PCIPG provides asset allocation, investment, and risk management advice for high-net-worth clients, endowments, and foundations. Before joining Bernstein in 2005, he was a managing director at Wilshire Associates, serving on the firm’s investment committee. At Wilshire, Alex structured the investment programs of Fortune 500 companies and developed the portfolio construction for multiple mutual fund complexes, serving as Chief Financial Officer for several fund families. Prior to that, he worked in fund accounting operations at a global custodian in Boston. Alex earned a BA in government and politics from the University of Maryland, College Park, and an MBA with a concentration in finance from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.


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