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Mark Hurley - Welcome to the Wealth Management Jungle S3E3

Mark Hurley - Welcome to the Wealth Management Jungle

· 59:04


Today we have Mark Hurley, who recently co-authored a white paper called Welcome to the Jungle: The Next Phase of the Evolution of the Wealth Management Industry. Mark has written several influential papers over the years, and makes some intriguing and provocative points. We go into the mechanics of the wealth management business, how to find talent, discuss the ten-year acquisition spree in the industry, and the challenges of a wealth management business which is transitioning from a club-like place to one that is far more competitive.


Mark is currently CEO of Digital Privacy and Protection, a cybersecurity company. He was the Chairman and CEO of Fiduciary Network, a well know firm that provided capital for internal transitions, acquisitions, and MBOs of Registered Investment Advisors. Prior to that he was CEO of Undiscovered Managers, a mutual fund company, and started out at Goldman Sachs. Mark was educated at the United States Military Academy at West Point and has an MBA from Stanford.


Digital Privacy and Protection:  https://www.dpripro.com


Welcome to the Jungle: The Next Phase of the Evolution of the Wealth Management Industry: https://www.dpripro.com/research/yhxohtca3dvhxbc69uh2xqhgi5ynen-jzsww


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