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Casey Whalen - Lessons from David Swensen S3E1

Casey Whalen - Lessons from David Swensen

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Casey Whalen has had a remarkable investing career starting at the Yale investments office, then Rockefeller University, the CIO of the New York Public Library, running three billion at Truuvo partners and now heading up Lazard’s family office partners.  Casey and I talk about the many lessons she learned from David Swensen, and I especially liked her stress on getting alignment with all the players in an investment program.  We also talk about the importance of the right frameworks, private investments, letting go of managers and dealing with customized portfolios for wealthy clients.

Please enjoy my interview with Casey Whalen.

Full Bio: Casey Whalen is the Managing Director, Head and CIO of Lazard Family Office Partners.  She was previously CEO and CIO at Truvvo partners, a $3.8 B OCIO manager of family wealth and was CIO of the New York Public Library before that.  She was Director of Public Investments for Rockefeller University and began her investment career at the Yale University Investments Office under David Swensen.  She is a graduate of Yale University where she studied economics.  She serves on the Investment Committee of the Rockefeller Family Fund.

NOTE:  This podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only.  Anything said by the guests or host should not be construed as legal or investment advice.  Thanks for listening.

Lazard Family Office Partners:  https://www.lazardassetmanagement.com/us/en_us/references/lazard-family-office-partners

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