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Steffen Pauls - Future of Private Equity S3E2

Steffen Pauls - Future of Private Equity

· 53:13


Steffen Pauls is a serial entrepreneur with a long background in the private equity industry.  His career started at BCG; he started and sold a fintech company during the dot com era; worked at KKR when it was still a small firm and grew along with it; and then left to start his own company in 2016 called Moonfare - which is a private equity investing platform making top-tier funds available to retail and institutional investors at lower minimums.  Steffen got his bachelor’s degree from the University of Mannheim with high distinction and his PhD in Economics from the University of Trier.

We talk about his exciting educational and entrepreneurial journey, what KKR was like when it all fit in one room, the challenges of starting a company and getting initial traction, the technological challenges of building a private equity platform, and what he thinks about the future of the space.

Please enjoy my interview with Steffen Pauls.

Moonfare:  https://www.moonfare.com/us Twitter:  https://twitter.com/steffenpauls Moonfare Deal Talk:  https://podcasts.apple.com/il/podcast/deal-talk-interviews-with-private-equity-leaders/id1689571193

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