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Logan Allin - Fintech B2B SaaS Plus at FinVC S2E4

Logan Allin - Fintech B2B SaaS Plus at FinVC

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Today we are speaking to Logan Allin, founder and managing partner of FinVC, a global fintech firm investing in B2B SaaS companies with over $1 billion in assets under management.  Prior to founding FinVC, Logan was a vice president at SoFi Ventures and has had advisory and operating roles at Light Street Capital, Formation 8, Zanbato, Addepar, Point Finance, and ONEHOPE.  He began his career in consulting for Capgemini and held leadership positions at PWC, City National Bank, and Atlantic Trust.  Logan was educated at Duke and Stanford.

We talk today about Logan’s interesting career, his outlook for fintech, why he only invests with experienced founders, and why he avoids social media.  Logan is one of my favorite people to go to for deep insights, and I’m sure you will enjoy today’s discussion.



Logan is the Managing Partner & Founder of Fin Capital. He is responsible for managing the firm, sourcing/making investments, maintaining board responsibilities, and adding operating value across the portfolio. Logan was most recently Vice President of SoFi Ventures, where he was tasked with investing in and working hands-on with FinTech companies and running SoFi’s accelerator and corporate development efforts.

Before SoFi, Logan focused on entrepreneurial advisory and operating roles at Light Street Capital, Formation 8/Group, Zanbato, Addepar, Point Finance, Price, BridgeAthletic, and ONEHOPE. Prior to his entrepreneurial pursuits, Logan was a corporate executive, as Head of Strategy, overseeing the enterprise FinTech strategy and execution, while serving as a member of the Operating Committee at Atlantic Trust, the Private Wealth Management arm of Invesco (and now CIBC). Previously, Logan was a Senior Vice President in City National Bank’s wealth management division (now part of RBC) where he led the technology strategy, open product architecture platform, and other strategic initiatives. Logan spent his earlier career in management consulting, in leadership positions at PwC, EMC, and Capgemini focused exclusively on the intersection of Financial Services and technology.

Logan earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in public policy and political science from Duke University and an M.S. in Management from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business where he was a Sloan Fellow

FINVC: https://fin.capital

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