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Michael Sidgmore - Alts Going Mainstream S2E3

Michael Sidgmore - Alts Going Mainstream

· 53:15


Michael Sidgmore is a co-founder and partner at Broadhaven Ventures, which is part of Broadhaven Capital Partners.  Michael is a leading expert in the alternatives going mainstream movement in fintech and was an early employee at iCapital.  He was an early investor in Carta, MoneyLion, Republic, Nowports, Pipe, and Allocate, among many others.  He was educated at Middlebury and the London School of Economics and started his career working on the Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments team.  I was looking forward to talking to Michael about the great interest in fintech platforms providing more access to alternative investments to RIAs, family offices, and accredited and qualified purchasers, which looks to become a multi-billion if not trillion-dollar marketplace.



Michael Sidgmore

Partner and Co-Founder, Broadhaven Ventures

Michael Sidgmore has spent the last decade as an investor and operator in the financial technology sector. He is a Partner and Co-Founder of Broadhaven Ventures, a global early-stage financial technology investor. Mr. Sidgmore has led investments in over 23 unicorns. He has served on the boards of Nowports, Liveoak (acq. DocuSign), Covalto, Super Seguros, and Harvest (acq. by Envestnet) and as a board advisor to Republic and Kovi. Prior to co-founding Broadhaven Ventures, Mr. Sidgmore was a pre-product employee and SVP at iCapital, the leading technology platform in alternative assets with over $150 billion in AUM. Prior to iCapital, he was employee #16 and the first sales hire at Mosaic, a residential solar financing platform backed by Warburg Pincus that has done over $11B in home solar loan originations. Mr. Sidgmore started his career at Goldman Sachs in their Principal Strategic Investments Group, a direct investing team focused on market structure and financial technology. He is a Venture Partner at Goodwater Capital, a $5 billion consumer tech-focused venture capital firm. Mr. Sidgmore is also the founder of the alternative investments-focused podcast Alt Goes Mainstream. He holds a BSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics.

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